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  Red & White Wine

A wide range of Red and White Wine is available in Tea & Wine Shop. In our selection, we have included wines that can cater for everyone. Be it that you are just beginning to learn about the enjoyment of wines or you are a season wine lover, we are sure that you can find something here to suit your taste.


There are many different types of liquor available throughout the world. Each is unique in their taste, color, production method and even natural geography. Depending on your personal preference, there is always a suitable liquor that can live up to the occasion.

  Chinese Tea

It is said that the Chinese had enjoyed Chinese Tea for more then 4000 years. They were being consumed as cultural beverages as well as herbal medicine. Though it possesses various health improvement qualities, its only in modern days, that these qualities was being discovered. Tea & Wine Shop recognised these goodness and brought in a range of different tea leaves and tea biskuts for our customer to enjoy.

  Hampers & Giftsets

Festivals, Anniversaries, Company Events and many more. Tea & Wine Shop understands the troublesome process of selecting gifts for such occasions. To save our customer's time, we had different setup of hampers and giftsets to suit most occasions. So if you are ever having a hard time selecting a gift, come check out our inexpensive hampers and giftsets.

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